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Wednesday 15th March 2017

Brain teasers

High March, along with a number of other local schools, was invited to take part in the recent Thinking Skills Day at St Mary’s. Amelia and Daisy in Year 5 and Lola and Phoebe in Year 4 represented High March.

On arrival, no time was wasted as the girls were tasked with making as many variations of paper aeroplanes as possible out of sheets of A4 paper.

With eagerness and excitement building, everyone was introduced and the games began. The first task was to design and draw an eco-house with annotations. This allowed the girls to use their imaginations and work as a team, discussing what it is that makes a house eco-friendly, getting creative about what would be needed and discussing what they could realistically incorporate into their design. 

Next it was the main task. They had to construct a bridge strong enough to hold a carton of orange juice out of the materials given, for example toilet roll holders, pipe cleaners, bubble wrap, string etc. The girls found the material choice tricky but collaborated well. Everybody was keen to sneak a peek around the room at the different bridges!

By now everyone was in high spirits and ready for the final task which was to make numbers 0-9 out of tangram shapes. This was quite tricky!

At the end of the day the girls got to show off their creations along with the other schools. The High March girls demonstrated excellent teamwork and they did an excellent job of representing School.


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