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Tuesday 28th March 2017

A challenging day

This year’s Challenge Day at Upper School took the form of a House Quiz. On Friday 24th March the hall was a sea of House colours and there was an air of anticipation as all the girls in Upper School found their table and met their team for the morning. The House teams comprised eight girls, two from each year group, and provided an opportunity to work with girls they may only see in the playground. The twelve rounds completed in the hall covered all curriculum subjects and, in order to encourage everyone to take part, there were questions suitable for each year group, as well as a couple of particularly challenging questions to really make the girls think.  

The final four rounds were classroom activities: the teams were tasked with naming the famous faces, solving dingbats, completing a word wheel puzzle and placing key historic events on a timeline and dating each event. These rounds were very much enjoyed by the girls as they discussed and collaborated in an effort to maximize their scores, knowing it was their final opportunity as the lunchtime bell would mark the end of the quiz.

After lunch, Upper School gathered in a special assembly so that the winners could be announced. In first place, with 189 points were Team Monkeys - Thistle House: Joely and Elisia (Y3), Jasmine and Charlotte U (Y4), Zoe and Valentina (Y5) and Eve and Lucy (Y6). The winning House was Thistle, whose combined team scores totalled an impressive 884.5 points. 

The last session of the day took place back in classes and the girls were able to choose from a selection of challenges, designed to encourage creativity and reasoning.

The girls embraced the activities with their usual enthusiasm and ensured it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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