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Wednesday 29th March 2017

Supporting the NSPCC

On Monday 27th March, Upper School jumped on board with the NSPCC national event and Year 6 hosted an afternoon of board games to raise money for the charity.  

Year 6 chose their favourite games and the Upper School girls had the opportunity to visit different rooms to play a number of games during the afternoon.  As hosts, Year 6 had to clearly explain the rules, ensure fair play and encourage the players so that everyone could enjoy the game. Players had to listen carefully, cooperate with one another, follow the rules, practise turn-taking and show good sportsmanship, including both winning and losing gracefully.  The afternoon also provided the opportunity to mix with different girls, play both favourite and new board games as well as have fun.  

Well done to Year 6 for being excellent hosts and ensuring that the Upper School girls enjoyed their afternoon.

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