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Tuesday 16th May 2017

A Visit to Kate Malone's studio

Year 6 girls have been studying the work of famous ceramic artist Kate Malone. We were most excited earlier on this year when we received a very special invitation, from Kate Malone herself, to visit her studio in London. This is an amazing opportunity and 12 of our most talented and enthusiastic artists were keen to undertake the visit.

On the afternoon of Friday 12 May, with our clay work safely packed to show Kate and a gift made by the Art prefects and helpers wrapped up for Kate, we set off in the minibus. We recognised Kate's studio from its beautiful ironwork gates depicting Earth, Air, Water and Fire, the elements needed to produce ceramics.

On entering we were greeted by Kate and her dog Booba, who frequently appears in Kate's videos and photos, and who proved to be a great favourite with the girls. Kate immediately began to show us around her studio, where several beautiful clay pieces were in progress. She showed us a large vase soon to be part of her Magma series and demonstrated how she would attach its clay "crystals". Ava then had the great honour of attaching the first crystal to the vase.

Kate showed us her enormous kiln - easily large enough for us to all get inside - as well as a number of items which she collected for inspiration. We then went through to Kate's glazing rooms and viewed her extensive glaze library and archive, which is meticulously catalogued to preserve Kate's 30 years of research into glaze formulation and development. Kate answered all the girls’ questions and was an extremely warm and enthusiastic host, inspiring us all to develop our love of ceramics. Before we left Kate looked at our girls’ claywork and was very pleased with it indeed.

We left most thrilled with our visit and, importantly, with a new understanding of the craft of ceramics.



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