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Tuesday 4th July 2017

In honour of Alison Uttley

As part of Alison Uttley Week, promoted by Mrs Kari Dorme of the Beaconsfield Society, in honour of one of Beaconsfield’s most famous authors, High March was delighted to sponsor the “Little Grey Rabbit” Art Competition.

Mrs Linda Bissett, Head of Art and Design and Technology devoted a good deal of time to creating the templates for the Competition, and assisting in judging the winners. Mrs Belinda Avery, Director, presented prizes at the Beaconsfield Library to a number of children from Beaconsfield primary schools. Prizegiving was preceded by an Arts and Crafts session and followed by a Tea Party attended by many of our pupils. Mrs Avery told the children that she recalled, as a child, visiting Alison Uttley in her home “Thackers” in Ellwood Road, with Mrs Anderson and Mr Chapples. Mrs Avery now owns a little table passed down the generations from Alison Uttley.

The following High March  pupils were amongst those whose  wonderfully creative entries qualified them  to receive Little Grey Rabbit  books or models as a reward for their excellent colouring or apron-making : -

 Apron making  

1st - Sophie L (Year 4) 

Joint 2nd - Lara M (Year 6)

Joint 2nd - Polly (Year 6)


Little Grey Rabbit's Dress (colouring)

2nd - Alexandra (Year 3)

3rd- Jessica (Reception)

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