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High March School : Beaconsfield : Bucks
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Thursday 13th July 2017

Year 1 head to Kew Gardens

Year 1 recently visited Kew Gardens. As you can see from the reports by Carmen and Georgina, they really enjoyed the trip.


The Palm house was very, very, very humid and it had plants with huge leaves and bananas growing on trees.  We also went into the Princess of Wales Conservatory and saw a Chinese Water Dragon lizard.  We saw tadpoles and a beautiful peacock.  We went to the Hive and it was amazing.  We could see through down through the glass into the hive.  I had the best time ever.


 On Thursday 6th July we visited Kew Gardens.  In the Palm House I was very impressed with how big the palm leaves were.  It was like being in a rainforest and it was so, so humid!  Next we went to the Hive.  It was so relaxing.  I liked the humming music of the bees.  We also visited the beautiful Water lily house. 


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