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High March School : Beaconsfield : Bucks
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Tuesday 18th July 2017

Rounding off a wonderful year in Reception

The weather was not looking very promising as we set off for our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park with coats in hand.  By the time we arrived, the sun was starting to peep through the clouds and the girls were very excited about the day ahead.  A quick snack prepared everyone for our date with the animals and then we were off…..

First stop was the penguins, who put on a great display of speedy swimming in order to earn their fishy reward. Next was a spot of sloth hunting.  Sadly, he did not put in an appearance and Miss Dale is beginning to doubt he exists, but the girls were fascinated by the fruit bats who opened their wings on cue.  We were very fortunate to be able to wander freely amongst the ring-tailed lemurs who were busy finding their lunch.  A quick trip on the train to see the giraffe, zebra, rhinos and giant tortoises led us nicely to lunch time.

After lunch, with the sun shining, we meandered around visiting meerkats, prairie dogs, giant tortoises, lions and porcupine before visiting the wolves with their new cubs, a special treat for everyone.

We were very lucky to have had perfect weather to round off our perfect day.  It was a fantastic way to finish our year in Reception.

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