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Tuesday 10th October 2017

Harvest Festival at Junior House

Parents joined us in School recently for two Harvest Thanksgiving services at Junior House.  The first service was for families with children in Year 2 and Nursery and the second was for families with children in Reception and Year 1.  

Parents had, earlier in the week, generously donated gifts of non-perishable food items.  These items were sent on to the Lunch Club for the elderly folk in Beaconsfield.  Staff had arranged these gifts into a beautiful display to greet parents as they arrived.

The children sang a number of songs relating to Harvest and Years One and Two both added a poem to their repertoires.  The Reverend Camilla Walton handed everybody in the hall a grain of wheat and reminded all that if we hold onto the wheat, it remains a grain of wheat; it is only when we sow it in soil that is dies and produces tenfold grains of wheat.  She encouraged everybody to keep the grain in their pockets as a reminder of the importance of being generous and loving to others.  It was a simple message but one that was meaningful to the adults and children alike.

The children performed with aplomb, to the delight of their parents and teachers.  It is incredible to reflect on how young the children are and how many words they were able to remember and perform, so early in the term. 

Well done to all involved!

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