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Wednesday 29th November 2017

A 'crafty' time

The Junior House girls showed their creative flair at the recent Autumn Craft Party, organised by the High March Social Group. Forty seven girls attended the two-hour party and had a fabulous time making, creating and decorating a range of seasonally themed items.

The bouncing unicorns proved to be a favourite and each girl was given a ‘unicorn-making kit’, which they transformed into sparkling, springy unicorns. The Christmas Pinecone Elf was popular with every age group and the snow globes were a source of much excitement as each girl created three unique images to display inside the floating glitter dome. Continuing the Christmas theme, the girls decorated their own Christmas bauble, which was then filled with chocolates and tied with gold thread, ready to be hung on the tree, thus creating a seasonal work of art.

The girls moved around the party in small teams, each named after a woodland animal, and enjoyed colouring in and wearing a variety of animal masks. The party ended with a bracelet making session, group photograph and a mini-disco before each girl left with her own Christmas bag …...filled with her creations.

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