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High March School : Beaconsfield : Bucks
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Wednesday 7th February 2018

Year 6 Ski Trip to Flachau: Day 5

‘Today we went to Zauchensee. There were really steep slopes and everyone loved it. The funniest part was when we skied down some black slopes which were exceptionally bumpy. Lots of people fell over and loved laughing. The snow was as white as a sheet and glistened in the sunlight as we skied down. The instructors were really nice and wanted us to do well – no-one was disappointed!’

Penny, Head Girl

‘On 7th February, during the ski trip, we went to Zauchensee. The steep slopes made it all the more exciting as we skied down the snowy mountains. Of course, though, no ski trip is complete without some falls, but when we did fall, the kind instructors and our teachers were there to help, along with all our friends. Obviously, there is the actual skiing part. We all loved speeding down the hills like rockets and the friendly instructors made it all the more fun by taking us on the bumpy parts of the piste and the various different slopes. Overall, our day was great. Even with the falls, everyone was laughing, enjoying themselves and generally having fun!’

Jemima, Head Girl

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