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Tuesday 13th March 2018

Colours of Day

The last week saw the final participants of the annual 'Singing Shield' competition for Year Three girls in which every girl has to learn the nominated song and perform it as a solo in front of the Director of Music and the Headmistress.

The set piece this year was the familiar hymn ‘Colours of Day’, written in 1972 by British religious folk band ‘Parchment’.  Also known as ‘Light up the Fire’, it became the theme song of the 'Nationwide Festival of Light' event held by a British Christian movement concerned about changes in society towards the end of the 1960s.  The song presents challenges of breath control and phrasing for the girls, but all of them rose to the occasion splendidly, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the song with their performances.  As always, it was very difficult for the judges to decide on the winners, but Imogen and Olivia were commended, Katharine and Lucy were highly commended and the winner was Giaan.  

Well done to all girls in Year Three.

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