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Friday 23rd March 2018

Dragon Days

In the brilliant Year 1 production, ‘Dragon Days’, the girls reminded us that we can’t always believe what we read on social media!  The production was set in the pretty, alpine village of Stumbledorf where the villagers needed a hero (or heroine!) to save them from a terrifying dragon.  Rosie Rumble and her mother, Ma Rumble, stumbled into Stumbledorf at just the right time but…. did the villagers really need saving? Was the dragon really nasty or did he just want to make friends?

In recognition of Rosie Rumble’s attempt to help the villagers, the production culminated in an energetic whole year group finale to Ant and Dec’s ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.’ The audience left smiling and no doubt humming the tune! 

A brilliant performance and a real treat for the audience.


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