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Wednesday 6th June 2018

A visit to the synagogue

On Monday Year 2 went to visit Watford Synagogue for the afternoon.  We were met by Rabbi Levine who welcomed us to his synagogue.  We had a good look around and were very excited to spot all the different things we had been learning about.  We saw the kippahs (the little hats), the tallits (the prayer shawl), the gorgeous stained glass windows and the eternal light. There was great excitement when Rabbi Levine opened the Ark and showed us all the beautiful Torah scrolls which were kept in there.  We were thrilled to watch him unroll one of the scrolls.  It was a hundred years old!  We all marvelled at the beautiful Hebrew script; it was so neat and was written with a feather quill and ink.  Rabbi Levine used his silver yad (a pointer) to keep his place when reading the Torah.

We had a wonderful time and many thanks to Rabbi Levine and the Watford synagogue for their kind hospitality and for such an informative visit.

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