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Monday 11th June 2018

A variety of STEM exercises for Year 6

On Thursday 7 June, Science Oxford visited High March. Year 6 spent the day immersed in a variety of STEM activities.

The first workshop enabled the girls to test out the skills involved in forensic science as they investigated a mysterious white powder to try to identify the culprit of the crime. Following careful observation and after carrying out a variety of tests on the powder, the girls had enough evidence to identify the perpetrator.

The second workshop involved the girls learning to use Python to code a micro:bit and a robot.  Learning the specific syntax of the code was essential, but it was not long before they had programmed the micro:bit to display images and messages.  They then had the tricky task of writing an algorithm to navigate their robot through a maze. Perseverance played a huge part and the girls were very successful by the end.

The afternoon was spent completing a ‘secret mission’ as they sent messages to one another and tried to work out who their secret partner was. Finally, the girls were tasked with code breaking – using cipher to reveal the secret message. 

It was an enjoyable and educational day, with great teamwork and determination shown by the girls.

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