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High March School : Beaconsfield : Bucks
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Wednesday 11th July 2018

A win for our Year 5 cricketers

Last Tuesday our Year 5 Athletics girls had the opportunity to play some friendly pair cricket matches against Maltman’s Green School. We saw some excellent fielding and batting skills from both teams and were incredibly proud of how well the girls worked together and communicated in the field. A special mention should go to Niamh and Poppy who made some excellent contributions to the field, bowling well and fielding effectively. Whilst we were scoring points, it was also a great opportunity to coach the girls. As the matches progressed, real improvements in their tactical awareness and ball hitting direction was apparent. There were some fantastic pair performances with one of our teams coming away with a resounding 255-237 winning score. 

Well done to all of the Year 5 Athletics team on an excellent cricket performance. 


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