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High March School : Beaconsfield : Bucks
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Friday 13th July 2018

Year 1 enjoy Kew Gardens

At Kew Gardens we went to the Palm House.  It had humid air and it felt like you were walking in a jungle.  The leaves brushed your ears and the palm trees were giant.  Then we went out of the Palm House into the magnificent Lily House.  The lily pads were huge, they were so huge that you could float in one!  Also the lilies were incredible.  There were all different colours, they were dark purple, light blue, yellow and white.  Later we went to the Monet workshop and made pictures with oil pastels and went to get some beautiful petals to stick on. 

After lunch we went to the Princess of Wales conservatory and it was really hot.  We saw a Chinese water dragon called Iggy.  Iggy was right in front of us.  He didn’t move a muscle!  The plants were so amazingly beautiful.  Some of the plants had magnificent flowers on them.  Finally we went to the Hive and it felt like we were little bees collecting pollen.  There were sounds of bees as well! 

Report by Trinity. 


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