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Saturday 14th July 2018

A leavers' treat for our Year 6 girls

Year 6 went on a trip to HOAC (Hillingdon Open Air Activity Centre) on Tuesday. We did loads of activities and got incredibly wet! 6K started with raft building. They were split into two teams and had to tie lots of rope to construct their raft. There was  great teamwork from everyone and both rafts held together on the lake. Fortunately, no one fell off!

6O started with kayaking. First they paddled round and got to grips with controlling their kayak. Then they made a line with the kayaks, which was harder than it looked. Then they stood up, which was very challenging and a few people capsized. We then did the 5star challenge where we had to sit on the end of our boats, lie on them, and try not to fall off!

Our next activity was the rope swing. Everyone did it, although some people were nervous because they hadn’t got wet yet! We had to stand on a platform, swing on the rope and when the instructor said “Drop!” we had to let go and fall in the lake, which thankfully wasn’t too cold!

We also jumped off a platform into the lake after we ran down it. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed splashing in the lake!

By Olivia and Lara  

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