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Thursday 27th September 2018

Travelling back in time to 1666

Earlier this week, Year Two travelled back in time to the year 1666 to find out what life was like in London at the time of the Great Fire. The girls spent a busy morning being apprenticed to all sorts of different trades: wax chandler, seamstress, tanner, baker…to name but a few! It turns out that there are some rather industrious workers in Year Two who would certainly have been able to make a good living in those days! However, their work was interrupted by reports of a fire breaking out in Pudding Lane. Our friend, Mistress Fiona, was good friends with Samuel Pepys’ maidservant, Jane, so she delivered regular updates on the progress of the fire. Eventually the girls had to abandon their labours in order to help fight the blaze by pulling down houses and forming bucket lines. When the blaze got too strong for even the firefighting efforts, we were forced to flee the city to Moorfields.

In the afternoon, the girls began the arduous task of rebuilding London. They had to work out whose house had stood where. They were presented with a box of fragments, which they had to first excavate from the soil. They then had to look for clues amongst the remains to identify whose house these came from, what profession that person had worked in and also whether the house had been destroyed by the Great Fire. They became adept at looking for clues in the hidden history.

A fantastic day was had by all and the girls came away with a broad and detailed understanding, not just of the fire itself, but also of the day-to-day lives of the people who would have been affected in 1666.


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