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Wednesday 5th December 2018

Reflecting on our month of gratitude and thankfulness

 Well done to all the Upper School girls for participating so enthusiastically in our Month of Gratitude.  We have seen some wonderful comments touching upon home, School and the wider world and it has been a delight to read through them all and see a selection on display around the School. 

Here are just a few examples to give you a flavour of the comments:

                                           I am thankful for doctors who can help us get better when we are sick.

                                           I am thankful for the happiness and perseverance that my friends give me.

                                           I am thankful for my dog because she makes me happy!

                                           I am thankful for my amazing little sister!

                                           I am grateful for my health and my mum.

                                          I am thankful for clean water because some children don’t get clean water.

 I’m sure you’ll agree these are lovely thoughts and they are just a few of the hundreds written over the last four weeks.  I hope that the girls have seen the benefits of focussing on gratitude and thankfulness and that they will continue to practise reflecting on a positive thought for every day.

From Monday of this week, each Form will be opening an advent calendar door to reveal a daily Kindness Challenge, which I hope the girls will enjoy completing.


Mrs Stuhldreer

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

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