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Monday 4th March 2019

Year 5 enjoy their trip to the Science Museum

On Thursday 28th February, Year 5 visited the Science Museum in London. We all had lots of fun trying out all the experiments they had in store for us!

Our first stop was the WonderLab, where we enjoyed learning about light, heat, friction and much more. There were many interactive games such as the slides and the chairs that lifted you up, there was also a revolving platform. Before lunch we watched a show called Prime Time where we learnt about the importance of maths!

After lunch we leisurely walked around the materials section of the museum, where we could create shirts on a computer, learn about the materials that are used to build a house, and guess which material was in the box using three clues. 

Lastly, we visited the space room where an informative voice told us all about the planets of the solar system and there was also a round ball displaying the surfaces of the different planets.

Overall, all of Year 5 had a great day and loved every minute of the trip.

By Thea, Year 5

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