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Friday 10th May 2019

A Maths Challenge with a Difference

On Friday 3 May Amy, Annabel Sp, Charlotte Bl and Thea from Year 5 went to Gayhurst School to take part in the Izak9 Challenge.  Izak9 is based on 27 cubes, with each face being a different number, fraction or shape; this allows for a huge variety of challenges, some easy and some requiring a great deal of thinking.  All of the challenges involved teamwork, trial and error and persistence.  One of the ones the girls liked the most required them to memorise a 3 x 3 wall in 3 seconds and then build it with their own cubes in a minute. The strategy was for each person to remember one line and the fourth person to remember a diagonal.  This proved to be very successful!  The trickiest challenge involved working with a team from another school to create one 9 x 3 wall of equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.  

It was a really different way of approaching maths and an enjoyable afternoon.

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