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Release date: Friday 21st May 2010

Chicken.... or Egg?

Violet holds one of the High March chicks

Violet holds one of the High March chicks

There has been much aviary anticipation at High March School in Ledborough Lane, Beaconsfield due to the recent arrival at school of  a batch of ten fertilised chicken eggs, delivered by  a company called 'Living Eggs'Chicken eggs take twenty one days to hatch and the eggs were delivered on Day 19. This meant that most of the eggs were due to hatch out two days after arrival. Excitement levels rose after cracks in one egg were noticed. The children were told to expect the arrival of fluffy feathers imminently.  

Staff, parents and children headed straight to the incubator each morning, eagerly anticipating the first arrival.  The first chick arrived overnight and by the next morning, it was cheeping loudly and looking too big and fluffy ever to have fitted in the broken egg that lay at his feet!

At about 9:45 that morning the second chick hatched with perfect timing to the bated breath of a fascinated audience.  Throughout the morning staff and children found excuses to pass the incubator to catch up on the chick activity. At afternoon play, with very considerate timing, two more chicks made their way into the world as the children gathered round to watch. They were truly fascinated.  During the afternoon session, Nursery children crowded around to witness the arrival of a further two chicks.

The first two chicks were moved to the capacious brooder box containing food and water.  It has been really exciting to see them darting around like little wind-up toys!  They were then joined by the other four chicks from the incubator. Since then the children have had the opportunity to touch the chicks and classes have taken turns to care for them - feeding them and cleaning their brooder box.

The chicks are growing rapidly and are now strong enough to be handled by the children. They have visited a different class each day.  Coloured marks have been put on the chicks so that they can be identified by the children; this will allow classes to name the different chicks.  Some interesting names have been chosen!

When it was the turn of Year 1 to be paid a visit by eight chicks, 1M reported: ‘We cleaned them out and gave them fresh food and water. We all had a chance to hold them and stroke them. It is amazing how much they have grown over the weekend. We noticed that their wings are beginning to look less fluffy. We have chosen the chick with the red dot as our class chick and, after voting for several names, we are calling it Fluffy.’

Mrs Julia Halford: Director of Communications