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Release date: Wednesday 9th July 2008

High March Year 3 girls perform “The Greeks Went to Pieces”

On Wednesday 2nd July High March Year 3 girls performed a Greek play called “The Greeks Went to Pieces.”

“The Greeks Went to Pieces.”

The girls have been studying the Ancient Greeks in History this term and they rounded off the year with a fantastic performance. The play featured the Minotaur being killed by Theseus and was exciting as well as being funny. 

“We had a wonderful time performing, especially because our parents were watching us,” said Millie Honiball aged 8. 

“The play really helped us learn about Greece and Sparta,” said Olivia.  Everybody had some words to learn and we sang 6 really jazzy songs.”

Mrs Clifford, the Headmistress of the school in Ledborough Lane said.  “It was a fantastic performance; the girls all spoke loudly and clearly and were obviously having a great time.  The parents did a fabulous job of providing the costumes and all the girls looked marvellous.  It is a wonderful way to end the school year.”

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From Julia Halford