High March School : Beaconsfield : Bucks
High March School : Beaconsfield : Bucks
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Many of our pupils are very able academically and they excel across a range of subjects. Differentiated teaching methods are used in the classroom to ensure that all the girls reach their full potential. Girls are placed into sets for Mathematics in Year 4 and for English in Year 5. Many pupils take up Latin in Year 5 and this is taught in two ability groups.

In the areas of Art and Technology, Drama, Music and Sport, we have many talented pupils who are encouraged and stimulated to produce work of an exceptionally high standard. The achievements of these pupils are highly valued and celebrated in Assembly and Newsletters. Examples include:

Many of the pupils on our Able, Gifted and Talented Register are encouraged to attend Challenge Club after school.   This is an opportunity for the girls to explore different ways of completing tasks and puzzles.   Independence and creativity is applauded and valued.